Why choose CNG fuel?

What is CNG?

GNC stands for "Compressed Natural Gas". It is a fuel whose composition is formed by 90% methane, that is, it is very similar to that used for domestic purposes. The only significant difference is that it is sold compressed to be used as fuel for automobiles.


The cost of CNG is much lower than that of traditional fuels. Some studies estimate savings of 35% compared to diesel and 65% in the case of gasoline.

Cheaper maintenance

Gas is a much cleaner fuel than gas oil or gasoline. The injectors and valves of our vehicle are kept much cleaner with the use of CNG, leaving hardly any residues during combustion. Thus, it is possible to double the useful life of our engine.

Less pollution

Pollutant emissions from vehicles with CNG are significantly reduced compared to those that use heavier hydrocarbons by producing less CO2.

Being much cleaner vehicles have the environmental label ECO, which allows them to circulate in urban environments during periods of high pollution.

Greater autonomy

A car adapted to CNG is bifuel, that is, it works with a single engine but can use two different fuels. A load of CNG guarantees an average autonomy of 400 to 600 km, to which we must add the gasoline.

Can my vehicle use CNG?

Some of the main car brands already have an interesting range of CNG vehicles in the market. In case you are not thinking about changing cars at the moment, you should know that your gasoline vehicle can be transformed to work with CNG. You just have to go to an authorized workshop where they will analyze your case and inform you of the adaptation costs.