Why choose the LPG Gas fuel?

What is LPG?

The acronym LPG stands for "Liquefied petroleum gas". LPG and its variants are a liquid mixture of propane and butane with numerous applications for our daily life. One of its most interesting uses is the AutoGas, that is, the fuel for cars. Do you want to know what its advantages are?


The AutoGas is, by far, the cheapest fuel in the market, and its use grows year after year throughout Europe. Thanks to LPG, savings of up to 40% can be obtained with respect to traditional fuels.

Cheaper maintenance

Vehicles that use AutoGas can double the life of their engine. The cylinders and segments suffer much less wear, and the oil takes much longer to get dirty thanks to the low deposition of dirt from the LPG.

Less pollution

This alternative energy source allows to improve air quality thanks to a lower emission of polluting particles into the atmosphere. It is estimated that the reduction of polluting gases is reduced by 68% in the case of nitrogen oxide, and by 15% in carbon dioxide.

Greater autonomy

The vehicles adapted to the AutoGas have two tanks: the first for gasoline and the second for LPG. This feature allows the vehicle to operate indistinctly with either of the two tanks according to the needs of the driver. Thus, the autonomy of the vehicle is doubled allowing a smaller name of refueling.

Can my vehicle use LPG?

There are more and more brands that have cars designed specifically for operation with AutoGas, but most vehicles with gasoline engines can be adapted without any problem.

The characteristics of the diesel engines do not make them suitable for the AutoGas, but the vehicles that run on gasoline can be transformed for use in any of the authorized workshops.